• Moffett GroundStart® Unchains the Operator

    GroundStart®, Moffett’s forward-thinking start system, has forever changed the way you mount and dismount your Moffett truck-mounted forklift. It’s one of the latest round of innovations from Moffett that enhance safety and productivity, and it’s a big one – saving you time and money on every job, and reducing the risk of injury. There’s no […]

  • Trash Talk: Waste collection made 25% more efficient

    We’ve been talking trash ever since we got the new HIAB S-HiPRO 130 crane in stock. It’s the first roof-mounted crane designed explicitly for waste compactors. What does that mean to the waste management industry? Flexibility, fuel savings, fewer trips, less driving time and significantly more compactor space. Twenty-five percent more to be exact.  The […]

  • HIAB Cyclone Tank: A Whirlwind of Savings

    HIAB has developed a whole new category of a hydraulic oil tank. They’re calling it ‘cyclone technology’– and it’s a game-changer for your truck-mounted crane. This easy-to-mount new accessory saves you money, space, weight and emissions. The HIAB Cyclone Tank uses 60% less oil to prolong the lifespan of your pump, oil and hydraulic systems. […]

  • ML-Truck Named Authorized HIAB dealer in B.C.

    When two of the industry’s leading equipment companies combine to launch a new venture in British Columbia, it’s pretty exciting news. Atlas Polar has joined forces with MasonLift to launch ML-Truck Equipment Ltd., the authorized truck-mounted sales and service dealer network in the province for HIAB cranes, Moffett forklifts and Multilift. Launching in Abbottsford, B.C. […]


    This year, HIAB celebrates 75 years of innovative ideas and technologies that have transformed the way businesses and industry lift, load, and deliver goods – over and over again. In 1944, HIAB revolutionized the load handling industry with the introduction of the first hydraulic truck-mounted crane. In 1949, they patented the world’s first cable-operated demountable […]

  • Toughest Event Needs Toughest Contender

      Toughest SE is a sporting event company that gives new meaning to the word challenge. Their obstacle courses take place in multiple regions and geographies around the globe, in all kinds of conditions, challenging contenders to show the grit, determination, stamina and teamwork to make the grade in the world’s toughest event. They need […]

  • A Clear View to Productivity

      Moffett truck-mounted forklifts are hard at work on all kinds of sites, in all kinds of conditions, on all kinds of terrain, all over the world. And if that proves one thing, it’s that people in materials handling businesses face the same kind of challenges no matter where they are. So we thought you’d […]

  • HIAB Hydraulic Hook: Big Value. Big Delivery.

      HIAB’s Hydraulic Crane Hook is big value – delivering big for your lifting operations, making them even faster, safer, more comfortable and more productive. Like most HIAB accessories, it’s designed with a specific purpose in mind. In this case, to pick up a pallet fork from the truck body. And this innovative little add-on […]

  • Crane Delivers Coral Nursery

    It may be that storks are the quintessential unit of delivery for new births, but when a trio of outrageous Brits gets involved, don’t expect anything to be done in the usual fashion. When comedians and car buffs Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson took their Amazon ‘Road Show’ to Barbados, their choice of […]

  • We’re proud Hino stands with us on quality

    When it comes to recognizing a commitment to quality, durability and reliability, business owners recognize Hino trucks. And when it comes to Hino recognizing those same qualities, they recognize Atlas Polar’s Multilift hooklift. We were delighted when we spotted the Hino corporate ad running in the recent issue of Today’s Trucking magazine – one of […]