Cleasby Roofing Conveyor

Cleasby Roofing Conveyor
  • Reduced Risk Of Accidental Electrocutions with all fiberglass frame
  • Longer Life with lighter weight conveyor
  • Structurally Strong and Durable with more flexible and forgiving design and materials
  • Reduced Cost And Time For Service Repairs since there is no rust or metal fatigue

Cleasby Conveyors are all of heavy duty construction, totally hydraulic and extremely versatile. The conveyors come equipped with a heavy duty belt, especially suited for moving tiles and other materials to the roof. The belts have 4" high dual cleats and are used by roofers and supply houses to make roof-top deliveries of tiles, shingles, plywood, deck slabs, felt, insulation and sheet rock.

These units have four hydraulic functions; forward and reverse, a full 360° rotation at a controlled speed of 1/2 rpm, boom elevation to a 70° angle and a raised turntable post from 2-1/2' for waist high roof loading to a 7-1/2'; load clearance level with other options in between.

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