Trash Rake Trash Rake Hydrorake

  • Hydrorake ST9000

    Hydrorake ST9000

    Lifting capacity

    1,500 lbs. debris

    Raking depth

    34 ft. below deck elevation

    Rake boom design

    Single telescopic (triple staging available)

  • Hydrorake DT9300

    Hydrorake DT9300

    Lifting capacity

    4,000 lbs. debris

    Raking depth

    70 ft. below deck elevation

    Rake boom design

    Double telescopic (triple staging available)

Make the move to automatic trashraking with the ATLAS POLAR HYDRORAKE — the most reliable system for cleaning intake racks.

This fully automatic system economically replaces handraking, which is still the most common method of rack maintenance. In fact, the HYDRORAKE is designed to imitate the steps performed by an individual during the raking motion and can work automatically — 24 hours a day. It keeps on working even in cold weather.

A fast payback on your investment is ensured as facilities protected by the HYDRORAKE show increased flow efficiency, and reduced operations and maintenance costs. Also, crew morale and safety increase dramatically with this automatic system.

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