Multilift Hooklift



Multilift XR Power Range and ULTIMA Performance series hooklifts are a revolutionary breakthrough in hooklift technology. Thirty-nine models ranging from four to 36 tonnes capacity can accommodate any length or lifting weight and vehicle type – single, tandem, tri-axle, tandem-tandem and tri-drive. They’re the best-engineered, strongest, safest, fastest, best-performing and most reliable hooklifts worldwide, with bigger payloads and standard features you won’t believe. Multilift truck-mounted hooklifts have the highest resale value in the industry.



MULTILIFT hooklifts are unique. They make minimal noise, can reduce emissions by up to 25% during active operation and use less engine time for the same amount of work, so you do more in a day. Models feature either Multilift’s revolutionary sliding ‘S,’ Tilting ‘T’ or sliding and tilting (Z) hook mechanisms, innovative single-plate sub-frame, asymmetric lifting frame, intelligent electronic in-cab controls for fast, easy body-mount and dismount, outstanding performance, and bigger payloads and maintenance-free operation, so you get the most out of your investment and business. Standard features are amazing, as are a host of available extras, from extra heat shielding to custom and hydraulic body locks, dual-height hooks, custom fenders, tow packages, pintle plates, dock levellers, toolboxes, a rearview camera, an electric RollRite tarp system and more.

Multilft XR models have a low operating radius, making them ideal for low-height applications and a host of standard features. Advanced hydraulic and control systems allow easy, one-person in-cab operation. Lightweight high-tensile steel construction and tipping cylinders offer optimal payload, increased stability and extended equipment life. Hydraulic frame and rear body locks secure loads for easy dumping and transport (or opt for hydraulic locks and an automatic locking hook). And load-holding valves on all cylinders ensure safe operation and protect against broken hoses. Larger models feature unique centralized booster cylinders to increase dumping strength, tipping locks, and an ergonomic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Options include Auto Sequence Control (ASC), FastSpeed™, FastTipping™, and FrictionRelief™ for quieter, smoother operation, frictionless body change and increased life.

The XR 30 is compatible with PLC and CAN-bus cable systems. Hooklift and truck electronics are fully separated. Standard features include FrictionRelief™ and uCONTROL™, with built-in diagnostic tools for greater ease of use and precision. Everything from the sub-frame to sail racks is bolt-fixed for durability.

The Multilift ULTIMA Power range handles loads from 14 to 36 tonnes. They operate on the customizable uCONTROL™ platform and, once again, are loaded with additional standard features. An integrated weighing system calculates weight during loading to maximize payload and never overload. HookliftAssist™ – a camera-guided control – gives you the functionality your loading task requires. SafePositioning™ safely and automatically slides containers into position based on their length. Automatic load-based speed maximizes productivity without compromising safety. And their FutureTouch™ display gives you one-finger access to diagnostics, load, indication, and weight info. Upgrades include HiVision™ and a larger seven-inch display screen.

ULTIMA PERFORMANCE package upgrades ramp up productivity and profit even more! Features include Automatic Sequence Controls (ASC), SafeSpeed™, FastSpeed™, FastLowering™ and FastTipping™, which tips your load three times faster. It also reduces diesel consumption by up to 25 percent thanks to energy-efficient hydraulics.