Multilift Hooklift

Atlas Polar is the North American distributor for the highly successful line of Multilift Hooklift systems. Multilift is well suited for many Canadian construction, landscape and recycling applications because the operator can use one truck and the Multilift to transport, haul and dump a large selection of bodies. With the Multilift it is possible to turn one truck into a multipurpose fleet.

Multilift Hooklift features advanced hydraulic and control systems that allow simple one person, in-cab operation. The lightweight construction with high tensile steel and tipping cylinders allows more payload, increases stability and extends equipment life. Multilift models are specially designed with large and durable shafts and sealed bearings that require a minimum of service.

Hydraulic frame locks and automatic rear body locks secure the load for dumping and transport increasing ease of use and safety. Load holding valves on all cylinders ensure safe operation and protection against broken hoses. Optional equipment includes hydraulic body locks and an automatic locking hook.