Atlas Polar Material Handling Equipment

If you’re in any industry that lifts or moves materials, we offer a wide range of truck mounted material handling equipment to suit your needs. Our key products rank first in Canada in their respective classes, and continue to provide innovations that make material handling safer, easier, and more efficient. Below, you’ll find an overview of the different equipment we offer to make your job easier.

HIAB Truck Mounted Cranes

Since its introduction in 1954, HIAB truck cranes have been the most popular truck cranes in Canada. Designed for dependability, these cranes are built with the operator in mind and have innovative features that improve safety and ease of use. We offer a variety of cranes for both single axle and tandem axle trucks, and with the long reach of our truck cranes, you’ll have an easy time loading and unloading without having to move the truck. Our HIAB truck cranes are a great cost-effective solution for getting the job done more quickly and easily.

HIAB Marine

HIAB Marine cranes are designed to withstand corrosion and function in extremely demanding environments, working on coast guard vessels, tugs, supply ships, oil drilling platforms, and more. With high lifting capacities and industry-leading remote controls, material handling is simple and precise. There are two product lines to choose from: HIAB Sea Cranes, which offer capacities between 8 tonne meters and 40 tonne meters and come with a variety of features to suit marine conditions; and HIAB XS cranes, which are known for versatility and reliability, come in a range of lifting capacities, and are flexible with minimal storage requirements.

Moffett Truck Mounted Forklift

The most flexible portable delivery system on the market, Moffett truck mounted forklifts are lightweight, allowing you to maximize truck loads and making them suitable for use on most trucks and trailers. Hydrostatic all-wheel drive means outstanding maneuverability for safety and efficiency. Models range in lifting capacity from 1500 lbs. up to 8000 lbs. The availability of job-specific models means things like working in tight spaces and handling wide containers are easier than ever with Moffett forklifts, Canada’s #1 choice for a portable truck or trailer mounted piggyback forklift.

Multilift Hooklift

Multilift hooklifts feature advanced hydraulic and control systems, providing superior ease of use. That means a single operator can use one truck and Multilift to move, load, and unload materials quickly and safely. Lightweight construction allows more lifting capacity, and high tensile steel and tipping cylinders provide stability and longevity for your equipment. Multilifts require minimal service and are designed for durability and reliability.

HiVolt Alert™ Proximity Alarm System

HiVolt AlertTM Proximity Alarm System alerts operators when equipment becomes dangerously close to high voltage power lines, providing a safer job environment for operators as well as those on the ground. This is a wireless system with sensors that can be placed on virtually all types of equipment with some type of extension, such as a boom arm or mast. HiVolt AlertTM is an easy-to-use and versatile system when operating ladder trucks, dump trucks, TV location vans with expandable antennas, logging trucks and tree-trimming trucks.

Mixveyor Concrete Conveyor

The Mixveyor Conveyor can be mounted on a mixer truck, allowing flexible and convenient delivery of concrete. Using the Mixveyor allows you to easily reach and pour concrete in different directions without having to move the truck, in spots up to 51’ away from the truck, making it versatile for uses in residential, commercial, and industrial job sites.

Cleasby Roofing Conveyor

Cleasby conveyors are equipped with a heavy-duty belt, making rooftop deliveries of heavy materials safe, fast, and ergonomic. With the hydraulic ability to move forward and reverse, perform a full 360o rotation, and boom elevation makes waist-high loading simple. Cleasby conveyors provide a versatile option to move anything from tiles to insulation safely and with ease.

New & Pre-Owned Equipment

Whether you’re looking for boom trucks, truck cranes, hooklifts, or forklifts, we have a great selection of packages that include high-quality equipment from HIAB, Moffett, and Multilift. As a HIAB, Moffett, and Multilift provider, our experienced staff can help you find exactly what you need with great equipment that withstands the test of time.

No matter what you’re looking for, if your job demands material handling, we have a wide selection of high-performance equipment that meets the highest standards in safety, efficiency, and durability.