HIAB Marine Cranes

HIAB is known worldwide as a leader in truck crane design and manufacturing. The same exceptional quality and innovation can be found in HIAB’s marine cranes.

Marine cranes are required to function in extremely demanding environments. HIAB marine cranes have been proven to perform, as their long list of applications shows. HIAB cranes are used on:

  • Coast guard vessels
  • Tugs
  • Supply ships
  • Oil drilling platforms
  • Subsea trenchers, ice breakers, and dredgers
  • Barges
  • Research Vessels
  • Fire fighting and oil pollution recovery vessels
  • Cruise ships
  • Navy ships
  • Fishing boats
  • Piers and just about anywhere you can think of.

Marine cranes from HIAB are designed to withstand corrosion. The paint is UV resistant. These cranes offer high lifting capacities and extra capacity at reduced reach, and they require minimal storage space when folding.

HIAB’s sea/marine cranes also include several options, like winches, hydraulic powerpacks and HIAB’s industry–leading precision remote controls.

With two product lines to choose from, there is a HIAB crane for virtually any marine application.

HIAB Sea Cranes

The HIAB line of sea cranes was first developed in the period following World War II. The company had already invented the hydraulic crane and followed that innovation with the hydraulic knuckle cranes now used in marine applications around the world. HIAB cranes have an excellent reputation – so much so that they were used for retrieving recently returned space capsules from the ocean in the 1960s.

HIAB sea cranes offer capacities between 8 tonne meters and 40 tonne meters. They include double–duty slewing systems, marine painting, stainless steel plumbing and hardware and many other features that ensure they perform in all kinds of weather and all types of marine conditions.


HIAB’s XS line of cranes is recognized for its versatility and reliability. Reconfigured from land use for marine use, this line of cranes can handle loading under many conditions.

XS cranes are built to withstand corrosion as standard. They are flexible, with minimal storage requirements. They come in a range of lifting capacities and include optional marine version cable or radio remote controls.

Safety and Service Life

All HIAB cranes meet the highest standards of safety. They are also built to last. HIAB cranes have a stellar reputation for long life and high performance.