HiVolt Alert™ Proximity Warning System

HiVolt Alert™ is a proximity warning system that cautions operators when the equipment being operated is dangerously close to high voltage power lines. It is a wireless system with sensors that can be placed on all kinds of equipment with boom arms, masts or just about any other type of extension; it can also be installed anywhere on the equipment. The cause of a majority of fatal on–site electrocutions is contact between equipment and high voltage power lines. HiVolt Alert™ from Atlas Polar is an effective early warning system that offers a safer job site environment for operators, ground crew and pedestrians.

What does the system comprise?

Built to the same high-quality standards as all our equipment, the HiVolt Alert™ is a simple and effective safety device with sensors that does not require any electrical connection.

  • It is a modular system consisting of a display hub, up to 6 wireless sensors (optional) with visual, audio, alarm indicators and a dump valve kit (optional)
  • It operates on 2 sensitivities, a cautious “Far Work Zone” and a less sensitive “Near Work Zone”.
  • It has a large display screen to show operating values and settings.
  • The system’s Display Hub has an intuitive menu structure through which the detection work zones (near, far, auto zone) can be changed, the alarm points for different electric field strengths can be adjusted, and the sensor’s battery voltage can be checked. Its ‘Push Button’ switch offers four seconds of hydraulic control wherein the user can manually move out of a potentially hazardous situation.

Sensors: The large capacity rechargeable batteries in the sensors allow long intervals between charging. Solar cells supplement the batteries and allow longer gaps between charges. The sensors also come with a power switch, which the operator can use to switch the sensor off when not being used for extended durations.

Easy to use: The HiVolt Alert™ does not require programming for each job site; just one installation is good for any on–site job. The sensors are mounted with a safety strap, retaining bracket and a magnetic base for simple and tool–less attachment and removal from the vehicle/boom.

A versatile proximity warning system

HiVolt Alert™ is a versatile system whose application extends beyond the construction industry. It can be used to ease the risks of high voltage wires when operating ladder trucks, dump trucks, TV location vans with expandable antennas, logging trucks and tree-trimming trucks.

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