• Never miss a high-voltage warning! Built-in alerts are visible + audible
  • Intuitive sensor battery display hub adapts for range and electrical field strengths
  • Simple wireless sensor-mount installation on almost any extending equipment
  • One-time programming works for all job sites
  • Flexible sensitivity and safety zones

Did you know that equipment coming in contact with overhead power lines is the primary cause of fatal occupational safety accidents? HiVOLT ALERT™ systems provide early warning to operators of the proximity of high-voltage power lines – and ensure equipment is always within safe limits. HiVOLT ALERT™ registers electrical fields from power lines and sends increasing visible and audible alerts within a set safe distance – high lumen lights flash, horns sound and the wireless hub displays safety conditions. It can even be programmed to automatically turn off equipment under unsafe conditions.

Simple, easy, efficient and effective

HiVOLT ALERT systems are ready to go in minutes. Wireless sensors can be installed on almost any equipment with extensions that risk coming into contact with high voltage lines. They can be placed anywhere on the equipment without the need for tools or an electrical connection. And the large display system hub’s intuitive menu that can be set for multiple detection zones (near, far, automatic) and varying electrical field strengths. A simple push-button switch gives operators four-seconds of hydraulic control to retreat from the safety perimeter safely.

HiVOLT ALERT systems are efficient as well. Sensors are equipped with large-capacity rechargeable batteries and solar cells to maximize work time and minimize charging frequency. Easily monitor battery charge on the display hub, and sensors have a programmed on-off switch to save energy when not in use.

Choose the system that works best for you. With two fixed safe operating zones and minimal operator input, the HiVOLT™ PROXIMITY system is perfect for fleets. The HiVOLT™ PROXIMITY+ lets more experienced operators connect up to six sensors on a single hub, work within fixed zones, or customize safety zones for added safety and flexibility. Safety prompts ensure the vehicle does not move beyond set safety perimeters.

A critical safety addition for any equipment working near high-voltage power lines

No matter what industry you’re in – construction to communication, logging, EMS or arborist, if you’re operating equipment with boom arms, masts, ladders, or just about any extension in the proximity of high-voltage overhead power lines – safety is of critical concern. Atlas Polar HiVOLT ALERT™ systems not only save your equipment, but they can also save your life.

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