HIAB Truck Cranes

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HIAB invented the world's first hydraulic truck mounted crane in 1947 and since it's introduction in Canada in 1954, HIAB has been Canada's most popular articulated truck crane. The reason is simple -- HIAB truck cranes are engineered and built better to work harder and last longer. HIAB crane owners expect long term dependability and value.

With over 60 models to choose from, there’s a HIAB truck mounted crane just right for your application. Truck crane models range in capacities from 0.8 up to 80 tonne meters with long reaches out to 25 meters. HIAB's superior hydraulic systems give you unmatched control of the crane and advanced ergonomic designs ensure operator comfort.

The utmost in safety is built into all HIAB boom trucks. Not only are these truck cranes designed and manufactured with the latest safety features, but HIAB truck cranes themselves are rigorously tested in accordance with the International ISO 9001 standards. In fact, our HIAB XS truck mounted cranes are designed to fulfill both the new EU standard EN 12999 and the new construction norm EN 13001, which in the near future will replace DIN15018.

HIAB knuckle boom truck cranes offer unmatched versatility over standard stiff–boom or telescopic cranes. With increased payload room and precision controls, HIAB articulated cranes make loading and unloading your truck faster and easier. With their long reach, these cranes can work around obstacles on the job site so you can work more efficiently – just park once and unload to various locations around the site.

HIAB truck mounted cranes can provide a cost effective solution for just about any of today's deliveries whether it's in the construction industry or in road-building, on hydro or telecommunications lines, in handling heavy machinery or in waste recycling.