Hydrobrush Systems – HB9100

  • Meet stringent fish and wildlife protection regulations with the fully automatic PLC controlled Hydrobrush cleaning system
  • Improves cleaning with the fully hydraulic Hydrobrush system that maintains constant screen pressure and adapts to various depths and rising floor
  • Reduces site operation and maintenance costs with Hydrobrush screen cleaner
  • Faster cleaning cycles with precisely controlled variable speed brushing for side travel

Cleaning Screens on the Gentle Cycle

Introducing the new Atlas Polar HB9100 Hydrobrush Cleaning System. Ideally suited for fish monitoring and transfer facilities, the specially designed Hydrobrush head automatically cleans stainless steel screens while travelling horizontally under the waterline. This constant cleaning action maintains constant flow through screens.

Our latest innovation and an example of our commitment to respond to customer needs, the Atlas Polar Hydrobrush is ideal for fish monitoring or transfer facilities where keeping a constant flow through screens is essential. The specially designed Hydrobrush travelling horizontally automatically cleans stainless steel screens. The Atlas Polar Hydrobrush is ideal for water pump, fish monitoring, or transfer facilities. Any screen angle from vertical to 30 degrees can be brushed automatically.

Technical Specifications

  • Stainless steel wire orientation: Vertical
  • Brush length: Double bristle/4 feet/custom
  • Brush depth: 20 feet
  • Screen angle: 0 deg - 30 deg from vertical
  • Boom design: Single
  • PLC control: Auto control panel complete with HMI screen with alternate Radio controller
  • Power supply: 240/480/575v, 3 phase, 60 hz
  • Side-travel speed: 0-1 ft/sec.
  • Parts: Standard production items, hi-interchangeability
  • Hydraulic system: Maximum 2,250 psi
  • Inward brush pressure: Same as ST9000

Download Hydrobrush System – HB9100 Brochures