Super Safe HIAB Crane

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HIAB cranes now conform to the new EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and crane standard EN 12999:20009. These new regulations are designed to increase both the safety and productivity of crane operators.

The first company to take delivery of a new super-safe HIAB crane was Bronij Infra B.V., a Dutch company that specializes in the delivery, installation, maintenance and testing of underground waste stations and small pump stations. Bronij purchased a HIAB XS 111 E3 HiDuo loader crane.

One of the safety features that Bronij is especially pleased with is the continuous Variable Stability Limit (VSL), which activates when the truck carrying the crane is not correctly set on the ground or if the operator wants to lift an excessively heavy load at a certain angle. The VSL system alerts the operator with red lights on the control panel and remote control.

Additional features and details about the Bronij application are available on page 9 of the attached issue of HIAB Method magazine.

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