Greenhorizons Uses Moffett Forklifts at Rogers Centre

A soccer match between Manchester United and Celtic was recently played at the Rogers Centre in Toronto and Moffett truck mounted forklifts played an important part in getting the field ready.

Atlas Polar customer Greenhorizons was awarded the contract to convert the Rogers Centre field to a real grass playing surface. Real grass is preferred by players because it is more forgiving than artificial turf and leads to fewer injuries.

So how do you convert a concrete slab into a soccer pitch worthy of two high-calibre professional soccer teams? Greenhorizons selected an unusually thick cut of their Premium Low Mow sod blend. This turf is rugged and holds up well to hard play. Because of their thickness, the rolls of sod were extremely heavy. The extra weight ensured that the sod did not shift during the game.

To unload the sod, Greenhorizons relied on Moffett M8 50.3 piggyback truck mounted forklifts—high capacity forklifts that are ideal for this kind of work. The forklifts are part of the company’s purpose-built fleet that gets the job done with minimal impact on the turf.

The process for laying the field began on July 14 when sod was harvested. The sod required for the job was loaded onto 18 tractor trailers and brought to the Rogers Centre on July 15, giving the crew plenty of time to lay the sod before the July 16th match.

Watch the time-elapsed video clip here to see the Greenhorizons team in action.

We’ll talk more a little more about the forklift used in this job in a future post. In the meantime, you can learn more about it by visiting our Moffett M8 50.3 truck mounted forklift page.