New HIAB XS 310 for Brick and Block

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HIAB truck mounted cranes are known for their versatility, but they can also be used in very specific applications. For example, the XS 310 was designed especially for brick and block handling.

We’ve summarized an article from HIAB Method magazine here to show how perfectly suited the XS 310 is to the task of handling bricks.

The crane is powerful, offering a maximum outreach of 17.5 metres and a maximum lifting capacity of 1,240 kg.

The crane is efficient and safe. With two joysticks and two pedals, several functions can be operated at the same time. Fast load cycle speed is achieved through the 450º slewing radius and long inner boom.

With a stabilizer span of seven metres, this crane offers exceptional stability. A ball and socket solution on the leg plates keeps the crane in perfect balance, which increases safety.

The HIAB oil bath solution extends the life of the crane. The optional variable flow pump also reduces noise and reduces the use of oil. Less oil consumption means lower costs and makes this pump a better choice for the environment.

To read more details about the HIAB XS 310 truck mounted crane or the other products featured in HIAB Method, we invite you to read the issue included here.

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