Moffett Truck Mounted Forklifts Deliver Architectural Glass

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When it comes to specialized deliveries, Moffett truck-mounted forklifts really get the job done. Architectural glass is just the latest example of the varied loads that Moffett forklifts can handle.

Architectural glass is used as a building material. When you see stores with large windows built right into the walls, you are looking architectural glass. This type of glass can also be used for partition walls and other architectural details. Architectural glass is designed with safety considerations in mind and is often either tempered or laminated to increase strength and ensure that, if it breaks, it shatters into small pieces instead of large shards.

Even though the glass is stronger than standard glass, it still requires special handling. The process involves unloading the glass from curtainside trailers at the delivery site. Because Moffett forklifts have low height and excellent manoeuvrability, they can be used successfully in such fragile deliveries.

As you can imagine, the large size of these tempered glass sheets makes them quite heavy. While glass of 1/8” thickness can weigh 1.6 lb/ft2, sturdier panels, up to ¾” thick, can weigh as much as 9.8 lb/ft2. When you consider the volume required, that weight adds up in a hurry.

The standard Moffett M8 50.3 can lift 5,000 pounds @ 24” load centres, making it ideal for handling many large glass panels in one load. To see one of these forklifts in action, check the PDF link provided here.

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