HIAB Takes Truck Cranes to New Extremes

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HIAB cranes have been used in some pretty extreme environments, including a new application in the harsh wilderness of northern Finland. In a collaborative project with Veho Commercial Vehicles and Eltel Networks, Cargotec equipped the first Mercedes-Benz Zetros with a HIAB XS-377 E6 Hi Pro truck-mounted crane for use in the construction of power lines.

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros is an off-road vehicle made for challenging environments. It was commissioned by Eltel Networks, one of the leading Infranet service providers in northern Europe. The type of solution was dictated by Eltel personnel who build power lines in very rugged terrain.

“The design work and strength calculations took their time, especially as the vehicle was equipped in order to meet the demanding requirements of a company building and maintaining electrical and telecommunications networks,” said Arto Moilnanen, Sales Manager for Cargotec’s HIAB products.

The three companies worked very closely together to create a powerful, accessible loader for the Zetros, a known performer in demanding off-road conditions.

The Zetros was designed for the most extreme conditions. Its 7.2L engine has an output of 326 horsepower, and the vehicle has wading depth of between 80 and 110 cm. The civilian Zetros is lighter than the military version and can be transported by rail or air, with the latter being preferred by Eltel Networks, which needs to respond quickly to breakdowns.

Although knuckleboom cranes in the 37 tonne metre class, like the HIAB 377, are typically too heavy for an off-road vehicle, the Zetros frame was stiffened to handle the weight of the crane which offers a horizontal reach of 24 metres and a vertical reach of just under 30 metres.

Along with the standard boom system, the crane used on the Eltel Zetros includes a jib for attaching a personnel basket. Because this is a HIAB crane, operator safety is built in. The hydraulic hoist is operated by remote control, which enhances safety, and hydraulic stabilizer legs give added stability to the boom truck.

HIAB also added a sturdy platform to the truck: “The platform is equipped with a rack for transporting poles and binding sections for cabling equipment. The aluminum profile base enables large point-concentrated loads, which are often needed when constructing power networks””, said Moilanen.

As far as the collaboration between Cargotec and Veho, the Zetros is only the beginning. Both companies have worked together to produce a concept for the Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis. The experience of Eltel will provide Cargotec and Veho with the knowledge they need to adapt their equipment to the specific needs of their customers.

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