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Cargotec is well known for its innovation and its commitment to finding eco-friendly solutions for materials management. The parent company of Hiab, Moffett and Multilift has done it again with its new Kalmar Edrive® straddle carrier.

As the seventh generation in this line, the Edrive (ESC350W) meets the industry’s increasingly strict environmental and noise regulations. The Edrive features electrically controlled engines that reduce emissions and save operators money by lowering fuel consumption. The winch system has full AC drives that enable regenerative power distribution between the hoist and drive functions – another innovation that lessens the impact on the environment and makes the machines quieter. As with all Cargotec products, driver comfort and safety were also factored into the new design.

The Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) is set to receive four of the Edrive straddle carriers in the second quarter of this year. Their units will include variable speed generator systems to optimize engine use and further reduce emissions and fuel consumption. PNCT chose the Edrive, in part, because of Cargotec’s commitment to parts availability and service, as well as the company’s impressive environmental track record.

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