HIAB Rotator Accessories Available from Atlas Polar

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If you need HIAB knuckleboom crane accessories, look no further than Atlas Polar.

Atlas Polar supplies several HIAB crane flange and shaft rotators in capacities ranging from 2 up to 6 tonnes. The HIAB boom truck rotators are either gear or vane driven and differ slightly in terms of dimensions, maximum oil pressure, weight and whether they are fitted with a hose guard and/or built-in pressure relief valves.

The accessories we have available include:

  • Rotator hooks for more manoeuvrability in hook duty load handling.
  • Upper links to add distance between the rotator and crane.
  • Hose guard to protect the upper hoses connected to the rotator.
  • Reduction link which acts as an adaptor between the shaft rotator and flange attachment.
  • Hose kit to deliver oil from the crane to the rotator.
  • Pendulum damper to reduce lateral swaying and decrease shear stress.
  • Quick change system for fast and easy changing of tools.
  • Hydraulic quick coupling to connect rotators with hydraulic accessories.

For complete specifications on crane flange and shaft rotators, download the HIAB Rotators PDF or contact a member of our sales team.