HIAB crane for offshore wind farm

When really cool things are happening with HIAB, we like to share them, especially when they also play a role in the surging demand for renewable energy sources.

Offshore wind power is a growing energy alternative. According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), global offshore wind capacity grew by 8.8 GW to 64.3 GW in 2022. Worldwide, it expects to add an average of 26 GW annually until 2027. 

HIAB is about to make a positive contribution to that critical effort with a $5.4 million US order for its HIAB SWP crane. The highly specialized HIAB SWP crane is purpose-built to perform a multitude of unique lift and load operations needed to service offshore wind turbines where, later this year, you might see them managing deliveries to the helicopter pads at the top of the turbines or hoisting equipment from sea level platforms. The cranes will be installed in the nacelle, the covering that houses all the turbine’s generating components, including the gearbox, low- and high-speed shafts, generator, and brake.

HIAB cranes’ rugged durability and reliability will be essential in the extreme conditions around wind turbine farms – sea swells, extreme temperatures, high winds and locations often 100 km or more offshore. The HIAB SWP cranes are more than up to the tasks.

Like the world’s first zero-emission, fossil-free steel hooklift, the Multilift ULTIMA, and its multi-award-winning all-electric Moffett truck-mounted forklifts (another first), HIAB’s custom cranes for wind turbine are one more innovation that makes it a trusted global partner in the fight against climate change. It was one of the first companies to sign on to the UN Business Ambition for 1.5 degrees. HIAB aims to reduce emissions from raw material sourcing by at least 50% from 2019 levels, targets validated by the Science Targets Initiative.

Real alternative energy solutions that aren’t just blowing in the wind. We think that’s pretty cool, indeed.