JD Smith truck for habitat for humanity

The need for affordable housing is a crisis Canada-wide. Many are doing their utmost to find solutions. Many, like the outstanding teams at Habitat for Humanity and Trucks for Change (T4C), are volunteering their time, passion and know-how to make a difference. Bruce Leonard added his truck and Moffett forklift to save the deadlines and the day to help.

Bruce, a semi-retired driver manager for JD Smith, crossed Hamilton’s busy streets three times with 20,000 lb. truckloads of drywall destined for a Habitat for Humanity construction site north of the city.

Screenshot of Loaded Moffett

“Pickup was tricky,” he said, describing difficulties getting the loads through the warehouse doors. Delivery, on the other hand, was easier. His Moffett forklift, mounted and ready on the back of his truck, easily carried and delivered the 60,000 lbs of drywall directly to the job site, where Habitat for Humanity volunteers could grab it and get to work.

School starts in September, and many families need affordable housing now – before that happens. Pressure is on to hand over the keys to the finished homes quickly. Thanks to T4C and Bruce Leonard, everything was organized and delivered promptly – within a few days – enabling the organization to not just meet but keep deadlines on track.

T4C habitat for humanity Moffett

Peter Wallberg, Construction Director for Hamilton’s Habitat for Humanity, called the help “an absolute blessing.” Bruce Leonard called it “rewarding.” We call it feel-good and vital. And we’re so glad Moffett was instrumental in the outcome.