Cargotec Leads the Way Again

Cargotec, the parent company for HIAB knuckleboom cranes, Moffett truck mounted forklifts and Multilift hooklift systems, has won the best ship loading system award from the International Bulk Journal.

The Siwertell ship unloader bested the other four finalists, and was deemed the most efficient, safe and innovative.

As is the case with all Cargotec products, the Siwertell line combines safety, efficiency, and versatility, all while emphasizing environmental sustainability. The Siwertell line offers fully-enclosed bulk handling solutions and dust-free loading and unloading systems. Not only are these systems cleaner, they also offer some of the highest loading capacities in the industry.

Versatility is achieved through the four groups of loading systems. Each group is defined by the size of ship being loaded or unloaded, the rated unloading capacity, and the type of material being moved. The supporting steel structure is the key – it can be made to accommodate different conveyor sizes and can be fabricated in different lengths for various sized ships.

With over 300 Siwertell systems installed around the world, this award-winning technology is yet another Cargotec success story.

As a proud seller of Cargotec products, Atlas Polar would like to congratulate everyone at Cargotec for this outstanding achievement.