Unearthed Video Shows Historical Look at HIAB Products

Can you imagine my surprise when surfing the Internet I came across a video showing a HIAB truck crane erecting the original Stonehenge, a Multilift hooklift delivering the famous Easter Island statues, and a Moffett forklift handling stone for the famous pyramids of Chichén-Itzá! Well, with a bit of historical fiction in play, Cargotec had some fun showing how their truck mounted products work today in all kinds of applications around the globe.

The video offers a fun way of looking at the many capabilities of HIAB load handling solutions. It describes how the HIAB XS crane concept allows customers to order “tailor-made cranes” that meet their specific requirements. It also notes the wide selection of lifting capacities, from 1 to 90 tm, and outreach of between 2 and 30m. (The spotlight on the HIAB XS 1055 truck crane speaks to the innovations and continuous improvements in design by HIAB.)

When discussing the Multilift hooklift system, the video points out that Multilift is the global leader in demountables because of the excellent reliability and productivity of the equipment. Of Moffett truck mounted forklifts, the video states that they “revolutionized the way materials are distributed,” and also notes that they are the best selling truck mounted forklift in the world.

And, of course, the video has some great footage of HIAB products in action.