HIAB XS 1055 Truck Crane

HIAB XS 1055
  • A powerful crane with compact design, the HIAB XS 1055 offers increased speed and flexibility while improving productivity
  • Extremely long reach with up to 10 hydraulic extensions for a total hydraulic outreach of close to 24 metres
  • Enhanced work speed that delivers significantly higher productivity with new soft-seal couplings and a regenerative Load Holding Valve (LHV)
  • Increased safety and maximum performance with all of the standard features unique to HIAB cranes including Automatic Speed Control, Pump Flow Distribution, HiPro controls, the SPACE 5000 Intelligence System, and the HIAB V91 valve

The all-new HIAB XS 1055 hydraulic truck crane range provides users the longest and highest capacity delivered by any Hiab crane in the marketplace today . The new XS 1055 range has been designed from the drawing board to deliver increased profitability to customers loading construction materials, containers, mobile offices and other heavy materials. A top benefit of the new range is the excellent energy balance in combination with the variable pump, which delivers customers reduced fuel consumption, less contamination and better profitability.

The XS 1055 provides an extremely long outreach with up to 10 hydraulic extensions as well as up to six hydraulic extensions in the EP boom system. Based on the successful design of the HIAB XS 800, the XS 1055’s reach extends to a lifting height of 30 metres plus when combining the E-8 model with a Jib 145X. Other notable productivity enhancing technical features include new soft-seal couplings approved for use up to 40MPa and a new regenerative Load Holding Valve (LHV). The combined benefit is an enhanced work speed that delivers significantly higher productivity. The weight/capacity ratio of the XS 1055 is unmatched in the industry, while the installation space required is nominal.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 18,000 kg @ 4.4 m / 2,500 kg @ 23.8 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 24.0 m