HIAB Used for London’s External Lighting

External lighting firm David Webster Lighting relies on a HIAB XS 122 remote control crane to carry out its work on the streets of central London. The company has contracts to remove and erect street lamps, including cast-iron heritage columns.

According to an article on the autoevolution website, the lighting firm uses an 18-tonne Iveco Eurocargo 4×2 truck, which is outfitted with the latest technologies, including: “Bluetooth capability, axle weighing sensors, a ladder to permit safe access to and from the load bed and fixed anchor points which allow operatives to clip-on to avoid falls whilst unloading. It also features four-bag rear air-suspension and an uprated 7.5 tonne front axle with 315/70 R 22.5 tyres.”

The HIAB XS 122 offers the precise controls required in the kind of work done by David Webster Lighting. It provides the power and lifting capacity of a larger crane, but does so in a lighter overall package. Its lifting capacity is 4,000 kg @ 2.9 m or 600 kg @ 15.0m. Remote control options enable the operator to be positioned in a location with the best sightlines, and operators can act as their own load assistant, making unloading more efficient.

To learn more about the HIAB XS 122 and to download product brochures visit our HIAB XS 122 truck mounted crane page.