As history buffs, we were thrilled to discover this bit of archival history – an unearthed video documenting the construction of Stonehenge. Engrossed, you can imagine our surprise when, from across the Salisbury Plain, there emerged a HIAB truck crane hefting one of the great stones into position!

But wait, what’s that? Heavy equipment? A Multilift hooklift was really behind the placement of the famous Easter Island statues? A Moffett truck-mounted forklift delivered those enormous limestone blocks for the pyramids of Chichén-Itzá! Impossible, you might say, yet it finally explains these heretofore-unexplainable ancient wonders. Then again, this new evidence raises yet another question: from where could that otherworldly technology have possibly come?

The fact of it is that HIAB had some fun and took a bit of artistic license to show how their truck-mounted brands work in applications around the globe. However, it certainly would have made things faster and easier when erecting these monuments to humankind.

In truth, it’s an older video and HIABs, Moffetts, and Multilifts have continued to evolve since these early models (a bit of history there, too), but it’s worth a watch. It shows how the HIAB XS crane concept can be customized for specific requirements and notes a wide selection of lifting capacities and outreach. The video points out the reliability, durability and reliability of HIAB’s brands and speaks to the innovations and continuous improvements that have made HIAB truck-mounted cranes, Multilift hooklift systems and Moffett truck-mounted forklifts the industry standards. And they’re still the best-selling brands in the world with the highest resale value.

Cranes, forklifts and hooklifts may not actually have been around some 4,500 years ago. And if they were, they were the ingenious creations of HIAB, not aliens. But there’s no denying the longevity and history of the first articulated crane, the first truck-mounted forklift or the technology that revolutionized truck-mounted hooklifts.