See How HIAB Provides Revolutionary Equipment Protection

In a recent video HIAB presents their great new heavy equipment protection process called nDuranceTM, and explains the importance of how each step is performed to ensure that your equipment is protected. In the video below, you’ll see inside HIAB’s multi-assembly facility and how their unique 3-layer protection prevents corrosion, increases durability, and extends the overall lifespan of your equipment.

Not only does nDuranceTM protect your equipment from corrosion and harsh working conditions, but it doesn’t damage the environment in the process. The 3-layer protection is 100% phosphate-free and the process doesn’t use any heavy metals. HIAB has taken the next step by developing a process that saves on energy and water by minimizing the amount of wasted materials. Using dip tanks and performing applications in controlled environments ensures that the process produces virtually no waste, meaning that this process is safe and sustainable in the long term.