HIAB Boom Trucks Offer High-End Roofing Performance

From business owners who have a need for truck-mounted equipment all the way through operators to the end client, the HIAB Boom Truck models provide a selection of great equipment that get the job done right and on time. A great example of this is the HIAB boom truck used by Herman’s Building Centres. In their recent video, we see how the HIAB truck equipment makes an easy job of any hard-to-reach task, such as roofing.

It all begins with the speed and ease with which the truck can be loaded with materials, like heavy and sometimes difficult-to-handle roofing materials, such as shingles.

Roofing materials are heavy, and the ability of HIAB equipment to move them to the exact place they’re needed saves on manpower. No matter where you need the materials, the easy-to- maneuver HIAB boom crane has no difficulty in ensuring it is put in place for easy access.

The end client receives the additional bonus of having their home roofing job completed in a timely manner, because the required materials are delivered on time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone when the HIAB boom truck plays a role in the delivery and handling of project materials.

Herman’s Building Centres have the client’s best interests in mind when it comes to making sure that their required materials are delivered in a quick, easy and safety-conscious manner.