Rooftop Delivery Made Safer with Cleasby Conveyors

Cleasby conveyors are designed to make light work of rooftop deliveries. Their heavy-duty design makes them ideally suited to moving materials of all kinds – tiles, shingles, sheet rock, plywood and deck slabs.

Atlas Polar distributes the Advanced FBR Series of fiberglass conveyors. Fiberglass is a non-conductive material that makes it much safer for working around power lines. With a fiberglass frame and non-conductive hydraulic lines and belt, the Cleasby FBR Series greatly reduces the chance of electrocution if the conveyor comes into contact with a power line.

In addition to safety considerations, Cleasby fiberglass conveyors offer more flexibility and durability – unlike metal, fiberglass won’t dent on impact from heavy materials. Because fiberglass is lighter than metal, the wear and tear on the conveyor’s turntable is reduced, resulting in longer life for the whole unit.

To learn more about the benefits of the Cleasby conveyor and its fiberglass construction, visit our Website and download the Cleasby conveyor brochure.