New XR 21S and XR 26S Multilift Hooklifts


If you are in the construction, landscape, recycling or general haulage business, you’ve probably heard of the Multilift Hooklift. This versatile piece of equipment offers true multi-tasking capabilities that increase your efficiency and performance. And now it is even better.

The new XR 21S and XR 26S Multilift Hooklifts have picked up where the XR Light Range left off. As part of the XR Power Range, these models improve upon existing technology to better meet the demands of hooklift users.

Next generation PLC controls provide even more reliability. Ergonomic design ensures the controls fit easily into the truck cab. Extensive field and fatigue tests were carried out to prove the power and durability of the steel construction. A new aspect of the hooklift’s design – increased use of steel casings – gives it more strength.

Other new options include automatic sequence control, fast speed and proportional speed, and friction relief. Prefabricated mounting holes reduce the need for welding, making installation fast and easy.

With so many innovative features, not to mention increased power and speed, the new XR Power Range is the tool you need for streamlined performance and greater profitability.