Private Disposal Systems Does Multilift

Want to see a Mulitlift hooklift in action? Watch the video on the home page of Private Disposal Systems (PDS). The video demonstrates just how easy the hooklift is to operate. The driver simply backs up his truck and pushes a button and the hooklift does the rest—he doesn’t even have to leave the vehicle. You’ll also get an idea from this video of how fast the hooklift makes deliveries.

PDS is a waste services company that serves customers in the Greater Toronto Area. They specialize in: construction material and waste removal; soil, brick, concrete and asphalt removal; and snow removal services.

As their website says, they can fit a bin anywhere that their trucks fit. That is one of the many benefits of the hooklift—it will work with any size of bin so operators can use one truck for all kinds of different loads. PDS offers bins of all sizes, from 5-yard mini-bins to 40-yard heavy-duty bins, and the Multilift hooklift can handle them all.

To learn more about this versatile materials handling tool, visit our Multilift hooklift page where you can view the specs on each model and download product brochures.