52-ft. Atlas Polar Telescopic Concrete Conveyor Extends Central Supply’s Placement Range

A recent article on the Concrete Products website highlighted the first-ever 52-ft. Atlas Polar truck-mounted telescopic concrete conveyor to be used in the U.S. (The conveyor can be seen in the photograph that accompanies the article.)

With the 52-ft. conveyor and the seven-axle spec on its mixer, the West Virginia Independent Central Supply Company can transfer loads of 9-yards plus.

Concrete delivery at sites in West Virginia can be challenging because of the uneven terrain in many parts of the state. With the their new Atlas Polar concrete conveyor (just delivered at the beginning of October), Central Supply operators have been able to extend their mix placement reach, making the job of delivering concrete easier and making customers happier.

Atlas Polar is pleased to hear positive reviews after the 52-ft. conveyor was used by Central Supply in one commercial site and several residential sites. We’ve heard similar good reports from the Canadian ready-mix operators who have installed the 52-ft. model.

To learn more about our concrete conveyors, including our Front Discharge Mixveyor, visit the Atlas Polar Mixveyor Concrete Conveyor page.