Pop-Art HIAB Loader Crane to be Auctioned for Charity by Cargotec

2000’s RAI exhibition saw Cargotec taking the artistic route to support an important charitable cause by having a HIAB loader crane transformed into a pop-art piece. Famous Dutch artist Herman Brood was invited to paint the HIAB 102. This year’s RAI exhibition, scheduled on 17 April – 21 April will have Cargotec auctioning the crane to raise funds for War Child, a humanitarian organization that helps children and youth affected by war.

Brood, who is no longer with us, is a well-known cultural personality in the Netherlands and abroad. His swift and masterful strokes were on full display to an audience of suits, media personalities and exhibition visitors. It was indeed quite a sight as Brood used a ladder, paint rollers and spray painting cans to paint images and text onto the HIAB 102.

Cargotec’s HIAB cargo-handling products are known for their excellent performance and safety. The HIAB 102 holds the distinction of being one of the best-selling loader cranes in the world. A pop-art 102 with Brood’s distinctive style etched on it, makes for an interesting and valuable buy. The most important thing to note is that the proceeds from the sale of the crane will be given to an independent charity that offers psychological counseling and help to young victims of armed conflict.

Cargotec takes corporate social responsibility very seriously, and this upcoming auction is one way in which it is doing its bit for the community. The auction will be held at Cargotec’s stand at the RAI exhibition, on Friday April 20 at 17.00 hrs