Electric Moffett E2 Truck Mounted Forklift Takes the Eco-Friendly Route

Electric Moffett E2 Truck Mounted Forklift

If you think electric cars are good for the environment, wait till you hear about the Moffett E2. This environment-friendly truck mounted forklift has all-electric operation, which translates into zero CO2 emissions. This interesting load handling solution was previewed at the 2012 RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam this week.

The electric E2 is an extension of the Moffett M-Series. Sharing the successful M2’s chassis, the E2 offers the kind of reliability that is associated with its parent model. Its lift capacity is rated at 1200 kg.

The forklift’s zero emissions and quiet operation make it well-suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as night-time deliveries in semi-industrial and urban areas. The E2 comes with Cargotec’s Pro Future™ certification, which is the company’s own designation for products with a smaller footprint. To qualify as a Cargotec’s Pro Future™ model, the E2 passed industry-leading criteria measuring among other things, emissions, energy efficiency and recyclability.

How does it work? It comes with an on-board charger that can be charged from a domestic plug socket or trickle charged. Its state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries offer long operating hours and consistent performance.

To aid night-time use, the Moffett E2 has LED road lights and work lights, as well as a digital display that interacts with the CAN BUS wiring system. A silent helical gear pump driving the hydraulic components ensures noise-less operation.

The Moffett E2 truck mounted forklift has been nominated for the SV Innovation Award that honors innovative designs in the transport industry. The new Moffett should be available in Canada in early 2013.