Operators are part of the R&D at HIAB’s new Test & Innovation Centre

HIAB’S latest Test and Innovation Centre is an example of their commitment to quality and innovation, a commitment that aligns with how we feel about our equipment and our customers who purchase and work with it every day.

HIAB has invested heavily – more than $2.8 million Euros – in a new product and development test and training centre in Hudiksvall, Sweden – said to be one of the most advanced of its kind, and the latest of several they have set up around the world.

One goal of the facility is to provide an opportunity for owners and operators to learn and challenge themselves on the equipment in real life situations under the guidance of skilled instructors. Authentic training situations are customized to customers’ specific needs and requests and operators get to test different products and features in a safe, controlled environment. They get to know every detail of the equipment intimately and learn strategies to increase productivity and loading/unloading efficiency. They share experiences with colleagues, participants and instructors.

While these are distinct advantages to owners and operators, this investment improves quality assurance, shortens development time, and ensures that technological innovations are in place to meet current needs and future demands – the need to do more and carry more, be faster, unload exactly where needed and maximize safety in increasingly congested urban areas.

The new HIAB Test and Innovation Centre allows operators to become an integral part of the R&D process. It’s a win:win opportunity, and we’re proud to be connected to it.

See the video below.