New Stop Log Lifter Ad in Canadian Dam Bulletin Magazine

Did you know that Atlas Polar is well recognized as a leader in the stop log lifter equipment business? Our company installed the first Stop Log Lifter system way back in 1972. We now have many happy customers with systems across the country in Alberta, Northern Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia to name a few.

Stop logs are used to control flows in irrigation canals, waste water and sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, and power plant intakes. To understand the value of our hydraulic stop log lifter, it may help to understand how stop logs work. Water levels are controlled by adding or removing individual stop logs from a channel. Before hydraulics came into play, the movement of stop logs was a manual (and sometimes dangerous) process involving multiple workers and hand-cranked winches. The Atlas Polar Stop Log Lifter allows a single operator to add and remove stop logs safely and efficiently.

Our Stop Log Lifter is featured in a new ad in Canadian Dam Bulletin magazine, seen in the attached file.

For more information on the Atlas Polar Stop Log Lifter, visit our Stop Log Lifter Systems page.