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Stop Log Lifter System Features & Benefits

With over 30 years of proven experience, the Atlas Polar Stop Log Lifter is now established as an effective and efficient way to secure and remove logs, stack logs and retrieve and replace logs in the sluiceway.

Before the hydraulically operated Atlas Polar Stop Log Lifter System was developed the function of stop log control was performed by hand cranked winches which have their lifting hooks manually engaged in the log dees or by thrown grapples.

The work was physically demanding and hazardous, especially in adverse weather conditions, often leading to low crew morale. Further, the manual method required the use of peavies to handle logs on the dam top and when replacing them in the gains.

When compacting logs in the sluiceways the usual method called for a strongback set across the underside of the sluice opening and a heavy duty jack to provide downward thrust to ensure a seal off. This procedure has been known to raise the dam deck at the point of application, not to mention requiring some agility on the part of the crew which could number up to six men when changing logs.

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