HIAB in Forestry

In our continuing look back at the history of the HIAB company, we see how HIAB truck mounted cranes were adapted for use in specific industries.

Although HIAB now has specialty forestry cranes, when the companies working in the forestry industry were in the early stages of mechanizing their haulage methods, they turned to HIAB Speedloaders—the forerunners to today’s truck mounted cranes.

As the articles in the attached issue of HIAB Method magazine show, the forestry business could have chosen separate, specialty loaders, but those were expensive and not worth the investment since most forestry companies did not run their felling operations year-round. With a HIAB Speedloader, they had a piece of equipment that could be used in the forest and in the timber and pulpwood sides of their business.

HIAB’s success in this industry could be seen in its need for expansion. In 1964, the HIAB location in Borlange, Sweden had to add five workshop bays, additional space for supplies, and a spare parts department.

The versatility of HIAB cranes was the key to their success in the forestry industry. This versatility is one of the many reasons HIAB cranes remain industry leaders today.

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