New HIAB MEWP Offers Two Solutions in One

With the new personnel basket from HIAB you can expand the type of jobs you do with your crane. Instead of just lifting materials, you can also lift people who need to perform manual work and repairs, all by simply adding a new personnel basket to your HiPro crane.

HIAB has named its personnel basket the Mobile Elevated Work Platform, or MEWP. As with all HIAB knuckleboom products, safety is the first priority with the MEWP, which is in full compliance with the most recent European safety standard, EN 280.

Safety is also in evidence in the design of the MEWP. Some of the built-in safety features include: automatic horizontal levelling of the basket, external safety rails to guard against crushing, a push-button emergency stop in the basket, and vertical and rotational speed control. There is also a manual pump and emergency lowering capability in case of a power failure. To further secure the safety of personnel, the operating system ensures that the crane’s stabilizers are in place and fully extended. If they are not, the crane will not operate.

Beyond safety, HIAB boom truck equipment is also known for its ease of use. To maximize the versatility of the MEWP, HIAB has made its installation as simple as possible. Just mount the basket and turn an easily accessible key to switch the crane to MEWP mode.

The personnel basket itself is designed for operator comfort. It can fit two personnel with tools and includes a non-slippery, self-draining floor. Hooks for harnesses, a tool box, and a special holder for the remote control are also easily accessible to operators from within the basket. The emergency stop button is also within easy reach.

Imagine how much more work you can accomplish with the MEWP. With one truck you can transport building materials, sand or gravel and then switch to the MEWP to make inspections or install or repair power lines or streetlights.

As an example of how the MEWP works, HIAB uses the combination of MEWP and XS 166 HiPro outfitted with an E-link boom system with five extensions. Not only can you lift about 1,000 kg at 13 m with this configuration, you can also switch to the MEWP and lift personnel as high as 20 m at a boom angle of 70º.

When you add a HIAB MEWP to your HiPro crane, you have a single, certified solution for crane and personnel basket.

The MEWP is currently certified for use with the following HIAB HiPro cranes: XS 122, 144, 166, 211, 244, 288, 322, 377, 422 and 477.

To learn more about the MEWP or HIAB HiPro cranes and boom truck packages, contact Atlas Polar.