HIAB Weighing Links

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For accurate load weight measurements, the HIAB boom truck weighing system is your best choice. Designed to work in all kinds of conditions, this system is durable, user-friendly and reliable.

The entire system is based on wireless technology. The weighing link, which replaces the upper link between the crane boom tip and the rotator, is available in two capacities to fit the KM 04 and CR 55 rotators. The link communicates via secure radio connection with a handheld device that stores data and offers various calculation options, depending on which of the three models you choose.

HIAB weighing systems are unique in the market because they can take precise weights even when a load is moving, thanks to the motion sensor that is included in all weighing system packages.

For background information on HIAB weighing systems, we invite you to download the product brochure.

If you are not sure which components are best for your business, talk to an Atlas Polar sales representative. HIAB has a number of weighing system packages that combine a selection of matching parts. We would be happy to show these packages to you and answer any questions you might have about HIAB’s weighing systems.