Moffett Forklifts Perfect for Poultry Live Haul

We all know that Moffett truck mounted forklifts are versatile machines, but did you know that there is a specific model designed for poultry live haul operations?

The Moffett M9 truck mounted forklift has proven itself in this industry, where it has reduced transportation costs between farms and processing plants. This model of forklift can be mounted on a truck or towed on a trailer, making it suitable for a range of transportation methods.

Moffett piggyback forklifts are known for their maneuverability and the M9 is no exception. Nimble machines with hydrostatic all-wheel drive and moving mast design, these forklifts perform better than the competition while lowering cycle times. Their durability means lower maintenance costs. Ease of use and operator comfort are other features of the M9 and the entire Moffett line.

As far as the specific task of poultry live haul, the Moffett piggyback forklift excels. It offers excellent visibility and precision handling of cages. Not only is it the best choice for chicken catching machines, it is also designed for other types of poultry handling, including chick placement, pallet moving, and protein recovery.

To learn more about Moffett truck mounted forklifts, available from Atlas Polar, visit our Moffett M9 product page.