Moffett Truck Mounted Forklifts Videos

If you have been reading my blog, you may have noticed that I have been dedicating a lot of my attention to the Moffett Truck Mounted Forklift lately. I can’t help it. It is such a sophisticated and practical piece of equipment. And it is useful across so many industries worldwide. This is really driven home in yet another video series that we have added to the Atlas Polar website. This series of video clips showcases the rugged durability and surprising agility of this particular equipment. In these clips, the Moffett Truck Mounted Forklift models are captured in action at construction sites, agricultural and poultry business locations, utility and gas yards, and even beverage and bottling facilities. These are just examples of a few of the industries that consider this equipment to be an integral part of operations.

Atlas Polar is proud to be the Canadian distributor of Moffett Truck Mounted Forklifts across a variety of industries. Take a look at this short series of video clips and you will see why we (and our customers) are paying so much attention to these machines.