How to choose the right truck mounted forklift


A forklift is a very significant investment for any company. And, although one particular model of truck mounted forklift can perform a lot of different tasks, there is no one-choice-fits-all solution. Choosing the right piggyback forklift will help you get the right jobs, and then get those jobs done properly, efficiently, and safely. Choosing the wrong forklift can be detrimental to your operations, your operators, and your bottom line. Before choosing your next truck mounted forklift, there are some important questions that you need to ask yourself.

Here is just a sample of the type of questions you should answer before choosing your forklift:

  1. What type, weight, and dimensions of products will I be delivering?
    There are various attachments, accessories, lifting capacities and grip / manoeuvrability options associated with different forklift models and styles.
  2. What lift height will be required for my deliveries?
    Standard, extended, and collapsed mast options are available for different height requirements.
  3. How do I plan to mount the forklift to the truck, and in what season will I utilize my forklift?
    Modifications may need to be made based on model and season.
  4. What is the model’s performance history, typical resale value, and what sales support offerings?

If the particular model you are looking at has a good performance history, especially for your area, a good resale value, and comes with excellent support, this means you are on the right track to finding equipment that is right for you.

For detailed information about choosing the right model of forklift for your operations, take a look at this PDF, entitled How To Choose The Right Truck Mounted Forklift.