Moffett Moves Motorcycles for UK Transport Company WMB

Moffett forklifts have found use in many industries across the world. They are now being used for transporting automobiles like high end motorcycles and cars for rallies and other events to various venues. UK based transport group WMB (We Move Bikes) is making use of Moffett M4 forklifts to assist with the delivery system of the company.

A pioneer in transporting vehicles in large trucks, WMB conducts road shows across the UK featuring Harley Davidson bikes. Additionally, they are known for distributing heavy cargo like automobiles throughout Europe. To help with its endeavors, WMB has employed two Moffett M4 forklifts to do the heavy duty work.

The M4 forklifts face no trouble carrying heavy and expensive automobiles and loading them into cargo trucks. Providing safe, stable and precise operations, the Moffett M4 provides superior performance. With its high power engines and stable handling of heavy vehicles, it comes as no surprise that the Moffett M4 is a favorite with companies like WMB.

WMB regularly hosts Harley Davidson road shows and gets to the event on time, thanks to the speedy and firm load handling of the M4. In fact, WMB showed off the prowess of the Moffett M4 by loading 28 bikes into the cargo truck in astonishingly short time! Take a look at the Video that they did and was posted on Youtube. An impressive feat achieved by the M4, the forklift provides a quick and sturdy support when loading Harley Davidson bikes. Effortless in handling as well as power consumption, the Moffett M4 is a cost effective and energy efficient addition to any company’s heavy machinery arsenal.