Moffett M8 50.3 Forklift Used to Prepare Real Grass Field at Rogers Centre

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We talked in an earlier post about Atlas Polar customer Greenhorizons using Moffett M8 50.3 forklifts in a recent high-profile job.

An international leader in the turfgrass industry, Greenhorizons was asked to lay a real grass field on the concrete floor of the Rogers Centre in Toronto. The field was used for a soccer match between Manchester United and Celtic (won 3-1 by Manchester U).

The operation consisted of 18 tractor trailers, each loaded with 46 rolls of freshly harvested sod that measured 35 feet in length each. The rolls were particularly heavy-Greenhorizons cut the rolls extra thick so they would withstand the heavy play without shifting around.

Moffett M8 50.3 forklifts were an integral part of the entire operation. Off-loading from the trucks in less than minute, the forklifts got to work right away. The M8 50.3 model boasts a customizable lift height of either 120” or 144”. With a 5,000 pound lifting capacity @ 24” load centres, the forklifts were able to lift two rolls of sod at a time. Their 50 HP Kubota engines provided all the power needed to move these heavy loads into position.

In addition to being powerful, the M8 50.3 offers excellent operator ergonomics—more space in the cab, better visibility, and easily accessible controls. With a choice of tires, forks and attachments, this piggyback truck mounted forklift can be customized to suit virtually any type of job.

To download a product brochure, visit our Moffett M8 50.3 piggyback truck mounted forklift page.