HIAB Supports Firefighters in Zwickau

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When most of us think about firefighting equipment, large ladder trucks are usually the first thing that comes to mind. But firefighting also requires support vehicles that can manage additional equipment.

When assisting at a fire, speed is essential. That is why the Fire Brigade in Zwickau, Germany chose three HIAB products for its support vehicles. With the help of a HIAB 244 EP-5 HiDuo truck crane, a Multilift JHS 250 hooklift, and a Moffett M4 piggyback truck mounted forklift, the Zwickau brigade can load, transport and unload vital equipment at the scene of a fire. What’s more, because the HIAB equipment is easy to use with fast loading and unloading speeds, only one operator is required to manage the job.

The Zwickau Fire Brigade uses the Multilift hooklift to carry foam and other items in a two-level container. At the scene, the operator can easily unload the necessary equipment using either the Moffett forklift or HIAB crane. Operators have noted how easy the Moffett truck-mounted forklift makes their job. It has proven ideal for loading, unloading and setting up a foam station for mixing and refilling.

Atlas Polar is pleased to carry a wide range of HIAB products. For more information on the HIAB equipment we sell, we invite you to visit our product pages: Multilift Hooklifts, HIAB truck mounted cranes, and Moffett truck mounted forklifts.