HIAB Has Remote-Controlled Hole Cutter For Firefighters

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We all know that firefighting is a dangerous job, but one of the most challenging tasks was just made easier by a HIAB knuckleboom crane.

When flames are racing through a building, firefighters need to cut a hole in the roof to release hot combustion gases. Releasing the gases can slow the spread of the fire, improve visibility in the building, and often enable firefighters to find and extinguish the source of the fire more quickly.

Working together, HIAB and Sundsvall-Timra Emergency Services in Sweden came up with a solution that increases safety and efficiency: a radio-controlled HIAB XS 477 knuckleboom crane with six hydraulic arms and a Jib 100. The crane is mounted on a demountable platform, making it possible to install it on the demountable vehicles that the Emergency Services team already had.

A tine grab on the crane crushes roofing materials. Radio controls make it possible for the operator to move the crane with precision from a safe distance—a far cry from manual cutting operations where firefighters often had to contend with slippery or snowy roofs.

The HIAB truck crane can reach 30m straight or 26m sideways. With the jib adding another 8m, firefighters can reach the top of 8-storey buildings and reach across flat roofs. Firefighters also plan to use the crane for other purposes, like lifting roof panels, trees or signs that have blown down during a storm.

HIAB is an industry leader in many ways, and this latest innovation proves why. Atlas Polar is proud to be part of the HIAB team. For more information on HIAB boom trucks, visit our HIAB truck crane page.