Think of driving a truck with a manual shift. Now think of switching over to an automatic. You’re still driving, but there are fewer things to worry about. The whole shifting of gears, managing the clutch, gearing up or down, adjusting the gas is just, well, automatic. There’s less to think about, so you pay more attention to your vehicle and surroundings.

Apply that concept to precise control of your crane and, as Lennart Andersson, HIAB’s Control System Product Manager puts it, “[with HIAB’s Crane Tip Control (CTC) feature], “you do the same job, but it is much simpler.” CTC equals super-easy control that lets you go from beginner to professional in no time at all.

CTC is a software feature in HIAB’s innovative HiPro control system that simplifies your truck-mounted crane operation. It takes care of first and second booms and extensions – automatically – leaving the operator free to focus on positioning the crane tip and safety of equipment and surrounding area. The ‘job’ is simplified to three levers and three functions: slewing, horizontal and vertical movement. Almost as easy as one-two-three.

The benefit? With a HIAB HiPro crane and CTC feature, even a novice operator can operate a HIAB crane like a master. Simple analogy. Simple to use. Simply another excellent performance feature from HIAB.

Watch CTC in action.