Cranesmart LMI5 Load Movement Indication system

HIAB is the recognized leader in design and safety systems and the Canadian Industry Standard (CIS). Atlas Polar now offers Canadian HIAB truck-mounted crane operators a clever add-on accessory that can enhance that renowned crane productivity and safety even more.

CRANESMART’s new LMI5 Load Management system for HIAB cranes comprises a wireless touchscreen receiver and control module and a large, easy-to-read (9.31″ x 6.9″) display. Its standard operating range is nearly double that of the LMI4. And it’s rugged – with an operating temperature of a frigid minus 40°C to a searing plus 60°C, Canada’s extreme temperature range is not a problem.

Cranesmart LMI5 Load Movement Indication system

The system receives sensor transmissions and displays them in real-time to see each hook’s radius, boom angle, crane load, and rated capacity during operation. And, for added protection, it gives audible and visual warnings of overload or 2-block conditions. It’s quick, easy, and operators always know how their HIAB crane is handling the load.

Operating time for the LMI5 system is all the time. With its robust, long-lasting battery and free transducer replacement batteries for the life of the LMI5 system, you are always fully functional and meet all safety requirements.

Operators can also customize the system with available upgrades like an Anti-2-Block system, function kick-outs and indicators for wind speed level and slew position.

The new Cranesmart LMI5 Load Management system for HIAB truck cranes – it’s just one more smart safety idea from Atlas Polar.