HIAB Weighing Hooks

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Anyone in the materials handling business knows that taking precise weight measurements is an essential part of the job.

HIAB has devised an innovative solution for weight measurement. Like all HIAB solutions, this one makes your job faster and easier so you can work with greater efficiency.

HIAB weighing hooks are one component in the company’s overall truck boom weighing system. Available in three different weighing capacities, the weighing hooks communicate wirelessly with a handheld device. From select handheld devices you can use Bluetooth to print an invoice, or connect to a printer or computer via USB.

All weighing systems comply with current accuracy norms as established through the International Organization of Legal Metrology, although the largest weighing hook – the LSH 125 – is not certified for invoicing purposes.

Atlas Polar sells complete HIAB weighing system packages, which include everything you need – scale, handheld device, software and accessories.

To learn more about the various weight capacities available for the HIAB weighing hook, download the product brochure or contact an Atlas Polar sales representative.