HIAB Crane Used in Special Rescue Operation

It’s not every day we hear about a HIAB truck crane being used in a rescue operation, especially an animal rescue. But that is exactly what happened last week in Corringham, England.

The story begins with reports of a missing donkey named Heidi. When she went missing Heidi was due to be transferred to the Donkey Sanctuary from her home, because of the ill health of her owner. Animal welfare officers spent the day searching for Heidi and eventually a passerby found her, cold and nearly in shock in a ditch. By the time the welfare officers arrived, firefighters and police were already on the scene, comforting Heidi and trying to remove her from the ditch.

Fire crews from the animal rescue unit used a HIAB crane to gently and carefully lift Heidi out of the ditch. She was taken to an animal hospital for treatment. Sadly, Heidi passed away from pneumonia two days later.

The staff at the Donkey Sanctuary expressed their thanks to everyone involved in Heidi’s rescue in a post on their blog. The story also received coverage in the local news, including word that a special donation page had been set up in Heidi’s memory.