HIAB Truck Mounted Crane Systems Speak for Themselves

GruaCor using the HIAB XS 622

HIAB cranes have been depended on by many industries to perform their services in a wide range of situations. One such industry that has had to make use of these cranes is the power industry. While, for the most part, utility companies are able to maintain their services with their own equipment, the need for specialized equipment to get into difficult places in tough situations does arise. This was the case when a fire broke out in the Chilean capital Santiago district.

As a result of the fire, numerous districts were left without power due to power line damage. The GuraCor company was called upon to put its HIAB truck mounted crane system into operation to access hard to get to pylons that were situated on a hill. The crane rose to the challenge and power was restored.

The owner of GruaCor gives tribute to HIAB for much of its business success. Starting with just two HIAB cranes, today their fleet now consists of 22 HIAB cranes. Numbers like this are a very clear indicator of the stability and performance that the HIAB equipment possesses.

When a company has a need for crane systems that are the backbone of their business, they have to have a provider of such equipment that they can rely on. Their business is built on their credibility and the HIAB Truck Mounted Crane Systems will never fail them. Their customers have come to recognize the fine performance of this equipment and it certainly adds to the recognition that companies in the business of crane operation require.

One of the attributes that HIAB relies on is the voice of their customers. They listen to the demands and requirements that the heavy equipment industry demands. Then, working with their customers, HIAB meets those needs. A prime example of this is the HIAB XS 622 that GruaCor is putting into action and is receiving numerous calls from clients waiting for the arrival of this new equipment, so they can get their jobs done.

Just as important as the durability and quality of the HIAB equipment is the support system that is in place for the crane operators and the maintenance programs. GruaCor is a prime example of how HIAB is making a difference in many different countries that have different needs and different demands when it comes to the HIAB Truck Mounted Crane Systems. Quality equipment based on leading technology, backed with good training and ongoing maintenance is what can be expected by any purchaser of a HIAB crane system.