HIAB Plays a Key Role in the Australian Gas and Mining Industries

HIAB in the gas and mining industries in Australia

HIAB machinery is used in many countries and in many different industries. In Australia, the HIAB load handling equipment has taken on an important role in the gas and mining industries. The country is putting a major effort into switching from high polluting fuels, like coal fired electricity, to natural gas and the HIAB cranes are helping them to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Companies like Howell Davies are putting their HIAB cranes to good use in their building of pipelines for oil and gas. The company has added eleven new HIAB XS166 E5 HiDuo loader cranes to their existing fleet of cranes.

They needed reliable cranes for picking up and carrying materials and felt the HIAB was the best choice. Howell Davies is a welding service company. They are using the equipment to move their welding shack and related equipment from one pipeline to the next. With the reliability and durability of this equipment, the operators can make approximately 120 load lifts during a 10 hour shift. This speaks well of how the HIAB cranes can maximize productivity.

One of the most important features of HIAB is management’s ability to meet the specific needs of customers. Once the requirements are known, the necessary research is conducted to determine the modifications that are needed, while ensuring they are going to comply with Government standards.

Howell Davies needed equipment that would be able to handle the heavy workload and allow them to fulfill a tight schedule. They not only faced severe weather, but other problems as well, all of which HIAB satisfied.

Other deciding factors that encouraged Howell Davies to go with HIAB cranes was the fact that these cranes have an impressive computer system. This along with the backup and servicing of equipment that HIAB is well known for, added to the decision making process of going with HIAB. In these types of industries, there is simply no room for downtime because of inefficient equipment. When repairs are needed, they have to be done correctly and quickly. Parts have to be readily available and HIAB has fully addressed this as well. Many times crane issues can be solved with a simple phone call and, if needed, mobile service technicians will go to the field to correct the problems.

While all of these elements are critically important to the success of the job, the priority of safety is easily met with all of the safety features that come with the HIAB cranes.